2019 Annual Youth Talk | Climate Crisis

With a number of youths greater than ever before, our country’s future lies in their hands; and I am proud to be a youth in this generation. I believe that our new perspective towards world issues, our creativity, innovations, ideas, arts, speeches and the energy we give is a great force towards tackling main global issues. Therefore, amplifying the voice of youths is the key to unlocking inspirations and solutions for the future of our generations. 

On the night of December, 21st, 2019, The Annual Youth Talk under the theme of “Creating a Spark”  which focuses on transforming the ways young people “Play, Learn, Build and Share” was held in the Neeson Cripps Academy campus. This great event gave a great voice to youth speakers from 9th to 12th grades to share our experiences, ideas and inspirations to our community. The night rocked with overwhelming energy and motivations from each unique speakers.

Me and Two other speakers from Liger Leadership Academy. Leza (to my left) was talking about how adolescence brains work and adolescence mood. Votey (to my right) was talking about Gender Equity in Cambodia.

Most of the topics were about self-improvement including how to get away from your comfort zones, how to better use technology to learn, and problems in society including gender equality. However, my topic was about “Climate Crisis” which sets a different mood in the audience because it wasn’t about a positive inspiration but rather a negative impact and fate we have caused to the planet.

Here is the story behind why I am so passionate about the Climate Crisis and chose to talk about it: 

All of the speakers at the Annual Youth Talk night

I was introduced to the severity condition of the Earth during the global climate strike day which my school participated in many ways for that day: we didn’t use electricity, we set a zero food waste goal and we all discussed about the topics and made personal pledges. 

After that day, I began researching more and more about this crisis, read many articles, looked at many graphs and facts from NASA and other scientists and looked at anything I can find. 

Later on, I came across a very inspirational TEDxYouth talk about the Climate Crisis under the title of “Why you should become a climate activist” by Luisa Neubauer which immediately stirred up my passion and when I decided to be a Cambodian Climate Activist, too. 

during my presentation on the Climate Crisis

At the Annual Youth Talk, I shared the sciences behind this Crisis, the great environmental effects and the massive extinction that we are going through, and especially how we as earthlings can do to help. 

It was an honor to meet Mr.Scott Neeson who is the founder and operative director of the NCA.

I learned a lot from other speakers and from preparing for this event, and I hope the impact will stay with the audience for a long time.

How Technovation 2019 Shapes Me and My Vision of Change?

A large number of females all around the world are really new to the idea of Technology and Entrepreneurship, due to the stereotype: ‘Girls who cook, Boys who code’.

 For decades, women are seen as uneducated, incapable of running businesses and belong to the kitchen, when men are out in the business world, programming applications and have most of the right to pursue a career they want. 

Is it reasonable, fair, and beneficial to continue this stereotype? 

Or Must we debunk this stereotype and start encouraging women? 

What is Technovation and How it fights the stereotype of girls towards innovation? 

Technovation is an international program that offers girls all around the globe (in the age of 12 to 18) the opportunity of learning the skills to become tech entrepreneurs. This 12-weeks program invites girls to work in teams to identify any major or small problems in their community and create a mobile application to help solve the problems. At the end of the program, the teams are required to pitch their ideas to regional pitching events and determine the regional winners. In addition to that, we also submitted our work to the global judges for international competition. 

The program focuses on four mains skills including: 

  1. Ideation (Identify a problem in the community) 
  2. Technology (Develop a mobile app solution)
  3. Entrepreneurship (Build a business plan to launch the app) 
  4. Pitch (Bring the business to the market). – Technovation Challenge

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    From: Incarabia

The immense impact Technovation has made is hopeful for the future of Girls. According to Technovation Survey from participants, more girls are interested in Computer Science, Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership. 

Visit the Technovation Website and Detailed Description of the Program

My Personal Journey in Technovation Cambodia

Image may contain: 1 person, standing
I’m presenting the features of Amara to the Judges during National Pitch Event.

Due to my interest in Business and Entrepreneurship, I have been joining Technovation for 3 years in a row. During these years, I have grown a lot in terms of understanding Entrepreneurial Concepts, Business Management, Leadership Skills and Embracing a team, Professional Pitching, and Public Speaking. After joining this program, I have developed a passion for Tech Entrepreneurship, because I see the need in my community and the great change that Tech Entrepreneurship can bring to my country, and the world. 

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Poetry Workshop

To continue on my journey with Literature, I have attended a Poetry Workshop that is held at Phnom Penh with the other 7 participants. During the workshop, I have learned new techniques to improve my writing skills, specifically writing poems.

One of the new techniques I have learned is “Show Don’t Tell” strategy when the writer does not just tell the story by saying What is It but writing to explain why and how it becomes what it is and show the depth of the objective. To practice this, we did a writing exercise where we have a picture as our prompt. I have inspired a lot from this activity because using a picture as the prompt for our writing is a new insight for me. It has improved my writing piece a lot when having a picture near me to look up to. 

The picture she showed us to exercise the concept of “Show don’t Tell” was a scary room that is haunted. This is the short story that I wrote inspired by that picture: 

The Haunting Room

The moment I walked into the house, the doors were slowly moving, creating a strange and haunting rhythm that shook my body. The rooms were like relics from a mysterious past that contains countless painful memories. I shivered as the smell of blood reached up to my nose and realized this is horrifying. 

Then, Jessica, who is the facilitator in the workshop, gave us a chance to Meditate about a place that reminds us of a memory or our favorite place. Then, we did freewriting activity and here is a piece of my free writing, 

The Warmth of Childhood

Sounds of Calmness and joy, the universal rhythm of nature when water and Earth blend together. The picture is fading in and out, The picture through a little girl’s eyes making a strange shelter out of the sand. Not knowing what is happening around her, she built the sand shelter with concentration. It was her world, it was the place where she belonged to and that moment is the moment she feels the most like herself. as a unique person. She started to step out and into the water of souls calling out to her, the peaceful waves smoothing her steps. She was walking to a loving person’s arm, the word “mom” crept in her mind. At that moment, her world was so small, her mom was the queen and das as a king. They are the only people she truly knew, The arms were holding her close she could hear the beat of the mom’s warm heart. In that moment of joy, the waves splashed as though it seems to be enjoying the warmth of this vast ocean of love and pleasure. It was that wonderful single moment, that all mattered. 

Technovation 2017-2018

Technovation Cambodia

I had been joining a program called Technovation for two years in a row (2017-2018). Technovation is a wonderful program which allows girls to involve more in technology and entrepreneurship field. We are required to develop an app in purpose to solve a problem in our community. We also have competed with other teams both national and global. In addition, we made a business plan for our revenue, users population, updating new versions for our app, etc. 

As all of us can see, there is trash everywhere in Cambodia which is an exceedingly huge problem waiting to be solved. It can affect Cambodia’s tourism, economic and especially environment. Consequently, my team in 2017 named green world had decided to develop an app called Clean World to give more information about trash and environment to our citizens which let them to learn more about the benefits of dividing trash.

Our app can also motivate Cambodian citizens as well as tourists to help solve this problem together.  Even Though the app is not in the market, we have made a prototype of an app to solve this problem. In addition, we have also raised awareness of change when we did the presentation in the mini pitch and national pitch.

Here is the link to our slide presentation:


This year, (2018) my team (Five Infinities) have created an app called MEP Center which stands for the word Mechanical, Electricity and Plumbing Center. It is an app that helps customers to find suppliers to go and fix their MEP problems and suppliers to find more customers to work with. 

 (Here is our Pitch Presentation which includes main points about our application and business plans) Five Infinities

I am extremely proud of this app and we got a lot of support and positive feedbacks to it. My team has also gone to Iching Decoration company to get feedbacks and reflections and they ensured to use our app 100%.  This is my first startup and I think this business is the most successful one I have had. It helps me to extend my ideas and creativity of solving problems in my community. Not only that, it is a huge step towards my dream of becoming a businesswoman. We have raised awareness of change during the two pitches (Mini Pitch and the National Pitch). The National Pitch presentations are judged be three judges who are Ms. Penhleak CHAN, Tech Innovation Consultant, Mr. Sopheakmonkol SOK, Chief Executive Officer at Codingate, and Ms. Sikieng SOK, Curriculum Developer for Saturday Kids. One thing that is really interesting is that there is always one judge in each pitch that had the same idea as our team which means that people are really struggling with this problem.

After putting all of our hard works and collaboration together, we are the first place winner team of the national pitch 2018. 

After our presentation, there were to groups of reporters who were asking us to do interviews. Two weeks after the national pitch event, a tech company called Geeks of Cambodia wanted to do an interview with us, too. One question in common that they have asked our team is “What are some messages that you want to give to other girls in Cambodia?” My answer was always be “We would love to encourage all girls and females to participate more in technology and entrepreneurship field. Nowadays, our country needs more human resources in technology and entrepreneurship field in order to develop our country. We have experienced all struggles and one thing we found out is that THE STEREOTYPE IS NOT RIGHT! You have the strength to do everything you want and become anyone you wish to be.  Girls can actually code a wonderful app and run a really successful business. We can do it girls! Come on and show your potential!

”My goal is to actually launch this app even though if we will not pass in the global competition because it is an extremely wonderful app that I think it must be in the market one day to make lives in Cambodia more efficient. When we have launched our app in the market and the expected number of users have reached, we have actually created a big change for Cambodia. If this app works well in Cambodia, I would love to launch it in other countries, too. This can help impact to become bigger and bigger.

For more information, here are the articles about our start-up application that are written based on our interviews from different sources including VOA, Geeks in Cambodia, Development Innovations, :







TEDx ISPP, 2017


TEDx is a wonderful opportunity for me to start chasing my dream which is make positive changes to the world. At this event, I talked about “Protecting Cambodian Elephants”. There, I mentioned about the advantages of elephants in ecosystems, Cambodian Culture, Buddhism and how their populations have dwindled over the period of modern development. I tried my best to convince all of the audience to start helping to save those rare elephants by many ways. The first solution that they can use to save elephants is stop riding those elephants for entertainment. According to my research, there were several elephants that died in Vietnam because tourists rode on them for fun. In fact, there are many tourists that are riding these huge animals in Angkor Wat. The second way to help saving elephants is stop deforestation and plant more trees to create bigger habitats for elephants. The final solution is acting from your heart instead of for profits. If all of you love elephants, you must start to practice the past solutions and share the knowledge and understanding out to the world  I was very satisfied of this opportunity because it gives me a chance to express my love of wild animals and my concept of preserving those endangered animals especially elephants. I wanted to make a community of support to preserve those rare animals and wildlife by spreading . Delivering a public and long talk is not an easy thing to do but it is worth the change of positive mindsets and lessons that needs to be shared. For viewing the video of my TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scZxOUsLkGw


Khmer Literature Festival

Khmer Literature Festival is a really amazing event which is being held 3 days in Battambang city. This main purpose of this festival is to raise awareness about literature in Cambodia as well as giving opportunities for youths, authors and all kind of people to gather at one place, then discuss and exchange ideas about literature as well as other skills. We have met many wonderful authors, including Mr. Tim Many, Mrs. So Phina, Mrs. Pol Pisey, the publisher of Sipar books company, etc.

I have learned new useful skills including graphic designing and how it can apply to make book covers, how writing books can help our societies and help to share untold wonderful stories. I realized that literature is a huge factor in order to develop our countries. We use literature to communicate, to share knowledge, information, and stories that can inspire many people.


I was satisfied with all of the activities in this festival, especially when I got to share my poem during the competition entitled “Bike and Poem”. I was happy sharing my love for literature, writing poems and especially I got to recall back to when our ancestors risk their lives to save this beautiful country. As unexpected, Vutha (a junior student in Liger Leadership Academy) and I won the first place in the competition. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to join and share the poem with other people.


My highlight was on the last day of the event. I loved the outstanding performances of Khmer traditional heritages including Chapey Dong Veng, Ken dance, etc. In addition, Phare Ponleu Selpak circus team also gave us unbelievable moments seeing them showing their talents.

Overall, the festival was a splendid opportunity for me to learn about Cambodia literacy, culture and many new skills. I got to exchange ideas, listen to presentations and ask questions which gave me new experiences. The festival was satisfying and I would like to give a big thank to the organizer which made these events happened.