Philippines Research

In our Asian study class, a student needs research about a particular country in ASEAN nations (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). I was assigned to work on Philippines and Here are the statistics and information that I found during my research: 

The GDP per Capita is 2988 USD (2017) 

The Population is 91.7 million (2009)  

Philippines is called the “Pearl of Orient” (Hong Kong and Saigon are also being referred to as the Pearl)  and due to its great natural beauty. 
Its hottest month is May (30 Celsius), the coldest month is January (26 Celsius) and the wettest month is August with 140 mm of rain. 
There are four climates in Philippines including Tropical Rainforest, Tropical Savanna, Tropical Monsoon and Humid Subtropical. 
Since Philippines is a country with beautiful natural landscapes, there are a lot of mountains, islands, and other natural resources. 
The highest mountain of the country is Mount Apo (it is one of the best climbing destinations), it is an active volcano along with Sierra Madre which is the longest mountain range.  
Another breath-taking project that will be constructed soon is the architecture project of Shell-Inspired Tourism Site. It is still a design proposal and will take a lot of time to construct due to the complex designs. 

This is a picture of the proposal design, Shell-Inspired Tourism Site.

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