TEDx ISPP 2018 | Empowering Literature in Cambodia

Literature is one of my main passions, especially reading and writing. However, I found out that there are several challenges that Cambodian authors face nowadays that can threaten the Literature including copyright infringement, unbalanced interest towards technology instead of reading and writing, and the tremendous loss from the Khmer Rouge Genocide. 

My goal is to encourage other people to preserve and cultivate the value of Literature because of its various advantages that can benefit individuals as well as the bigger communities. I wanted to create a bigger community of help to empower literature in Cambodia as well as the world. Therefore, I gave a public speech in the TEDx ISPP event on the 1st of December, 2018 about Empowering literature in Cambodia. There I talked about the numerous importance of literature and the reasons why it is worth empowering and very important to me and all of us, as a part of citizenship and the factors that contribute to its decline in usage. 

To elaborate, there are 4 main reasons that explain why Literature is very essential to us. The four core benefits of literature include critical thinking, writing, and comprehension skill building, imagination and creativity expansion, the learning of cultures history recording and the support of social development, and last but not least, it showcases of the state of humanity. Despite that great benefits of literature, there are many factors that contribute to its decline in usage. 

It was a wonderful learning experience that helps me with my researching, networking, public speaking skills and more. For example, when I needed to email the author of a book and a director of a film to ask them for permission to use their works. It also gives me the chance to raise my voice, encourage others and be a part of the change. 

For more information, visit this slide presentation that I used for my TEDx talk: