About Me

Welcome! I am Angely, a 14-year-old student of Liger Leadership Academy. I was born in Kratie, but I grow up in Phnom Penh, Capital City of Cambodia.  I am currently studying at the Liger Leadership Academy which is a project-based learning school in Phnom Penh.

I see Liger not only as a school but my second family that we grow up together as amazing people and learners. Liger is a place that has real impacts on my life and who I am. At Liger, I am traveling on my way from who I was and who I will become as a positive change agent. 

Love, Respect, Caring, Optimism, and Kindness are essential qualities that I learned to display in daily life in order to build a peaceful community.  

I really appreciate the privilege to be sharing what I love, especially my works, projects and things that I’ve learned to other people. 

Science, Reading, Travelling, Learning and trying new things are my main passions. I am a curious person who likes to explore interesting things especially science and astronomy. 

I am also passionate in the literature field, especially creative writing, poetry and language study. I believe the right use of words and writings can make great changes to this society, inspire and help more people, and therefore, making this world a better place. 

Me in Model United Nations Conference as the Representative of the Delegate of United Kingdom.

I seek new adventure and experiences in life, especially those that create the path to my dreams.

Reading helps me understand the world better and develop a lot of positive insights. Besides these passions, I also love listening to music to brighten up my daily life.

In this life, my success would be defined by my contribution to help my society, fulfilling my dreams as an individual, and happiness for those around me and myself. 

Enjoy reading my portfolio to know more about me! Gracias!

Contact Info: 

Email: angely.r@ligercambodia.org

Phone: +855 85 744 333


My Name (Angely Rose)

By: Chan

I always believe that names really define people well and that it will drive us to be who the name meant to be because mine does a lot.

My name is the kindness that I adore.

I can feel the beauty of the words and the inspiration that it always give to me. I can feel peace. I can feel hope. I can feel grace. I can feel happiness.  I can feel love. I can sense the soothing feeling it gives to me. I know it is the light that is burning in the deepest place in my heart. I know it is the fire that lights up my delicate soul. It is a drop of rays in my darkest moments.

Angely Rose. That’s the name that my dad gave to me when he was going through the English dictionary to look out for words that are suitable for his new-born daughter. A is the first letter that he got through and suddenly, he saw the word Angel which in the dictionary shows as a person with exemplary conduct or virtue which are the qualities that he would love to see in his daughter which he later combines it with the word Ly which he refers to the flower, Lily.

From: Almanac

Lily is a flower that is considered really important to culture and literature which are the passions that have inspired me and driven me to the path I am currently walking on a lot. Actually, my name is a bit of cheating because my last name was supposed to be Ros, which is my grandfather’s name, but my dad changed it to Rose so that it would have a deep meaning. But really, the last name defines me a lot. The word soothes me, defines me, inspire me, and give me a strange sense of joy. Rose is a flower that fills me in an indescribable way.

I am delighted with my name, the way it defines me, influence me and gives me the energy that I need. It’s just truly me in every possible way.

The words itself means a whole lot to me. It is the beautiful part of my soul and it is the name that I would always treasure.