Set Design

(This is a picture of the set in the designing state)

Designing stage, light, sound and props for a theater is not as easy as you think. It actually requires a lot of works and technical skills. This exploration is Set Design; we are designing stage for a play called Network. During this, I was focused on the lighting, making light ques, deciding which light color to go on stage in each scene, etc. It is a completely new skill for me but I felt happy learning about this unique skill.


Entrepreneurship is one of my most passionate fields because I dream to become a businesswoman. During this exploration, I was on a team of three students and we made products to sell. We learned how to efficiently market and advertise products. We made a Facebook website to promote our brands. My team’s final products were a bamboo pencil holder, pots to grow plants and a learning program. In addition, we went to a place called “Impact Hub” to get feedback about our products and also to sell them. The second place we went to sell our products is CIA FIRST international school. Our exploration has gained a lot of knowledge about entrepreneurship as well as us selling products.

Cambodian Geography Book

Geography Book is a huge project which all the 60 juniors had worked on together. We divided all juniors into four regions to go to different provinces. I was in region 2, the south-western parts of Cambodia. We did a lot of researches and went on a-week trip. The trip was wonderful and filled with whole lots of new experiences, people and places. My highlights were doing pottery and going to Padesh stupa in Kampong Chhnang, going to the circus and visiting the ancient house in Battambong, listening to the tales of the Hot spring, Chas mountain, Nak Ta Khleang Meourng in Kampong Speu and Pursat, eating natural sugar canes in Banteay Meanchey, and picking up obsidians in Pailin.

When we have gone to all of the provinces to interview people, there were three more explorations to take the information and organize it to publish the Cambodian Geography Book. I was one of the students who were  in the editing the content, grammar and spelling exploration. I hope this huge project will be creating impacts in Cambodia, especially in the education field.