Discrimination is a Virus Essay

Discrimination is everywhere and can be in many different forms. It can be either intentional or unintentional concepts that leads to inequality treatments mental damages and society problems. I believe it ought to be abolish completely in any forms in order to build a friendly and well-being societies. This is an essay I wrote about Discrimination including statistics and facts as well as some of my opinions of what we can do about it. 

Angely Rose
Teacher: Bunthan
Writing Essential
Discrimination Against Differences of People
In modern society, discrimination against differences of people becomes a concern. “White Americans are among those who feel their group is discriminated against, with 55 percent saying discrimination exists against whites in the U.S. today.” cited an article. Many people all around the world who are living with discrimination need to be helped by the society around them. We all need to solve and change the attitude of discrimination against differences as soon as possible.
There are many differences that could be judged by people such as religion, ethnicity, colors of the skin, looks, etc. ”Fifty- seven percent of black men and forty- four percent of black women in America said that they have personally experienced discrimination when they interact with police.” cited a website. Here we can see that the color of those black people who are considered different leads to discrimination. Even police whose job is to take care of people, they still live in the stereotypes of the community they live in. Another area that those African-American people are trying to rent or buy housing. Fifty- four percent of black men and thirty- nine percent of black women faced discrimination in this area. The third area of the same kind of discrimination is when they are trying to vote or participate in politics. Twenty-four percent of black men and fourteen percent of black women said that they have faced discrimination when they are trying to vote or participate in politics.
We are in the world of discrimination and prejudices and we are not even realizing that. Many people who considered that they are different have faced serious struggles to live against discrimination. For instance, In American, people who considered different such as LGBT, African American, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, White people who are Non-Hispanic. Non-Hispanics are the people who follow the Spanish religion, speak Spanish especially in the United States of America.
Those discrimination can lead to serious conflicts and problems including lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, suicide, bodily harm. A country can’t truly develop if there are a lot of discrimination in their country. It affects all aspects of our lives. We all as human beings should try to totally abolish discrimination. Next time when you see people discriminate, tell them the problems and conflicts they will cause. Discrimination is the virus that affects the developing of the country and could harm people with serious problems and conflicts.


Environmental Injustice and Pollution

In our Literacy class, we have researched and study about the theme of Environmental Injustice and Pollution. Our teacher (Hannah) brought up an interesting discussion of environmental racism and how can environment relate to inequality in our society. She gave us a shocking map of a state in American which is called Connecticut. The map clearly showed the environmental injustice within the area by combining two pieces of information together. One is the area that the minority are mostly living in and the locations of the power plants that are built and causes pollution. 

Here is the map that shows how pollution are affected to the minorities: 


After the discussions and lessons, I wrote a reflection which describes the pollution situation in my community, and what are my opinions to help build an environment justice community. Here is the essay I wrote about the severe situation and what we all can help to CHANGE! 


Teacher: Hannah



Environmental Pollution & Effects in My Community

   In my opinion, almost everywhere on the globe is affected by some kind of environmental pollution that causes huge or small problems for the citizens who live in the areas. In my community, which is located in the edge of the Capital city in Cambodia, there are many kinds of pollutions that affected the area with both health problems and environmental problems. Although there are many sources where pollution are brought by, The main source of pollution in my community comes from the incredible amount of plastic waste.

   A person throws away three single-use plastics, Imagine how many plastics are thrown away by thousands of people in my community? Everywhere, the plastics are being used even when it is not necessary. The amount of plastics is rising up tremendously in markets, food-courts, small shops and being thrown carelessly. Not only the plastic wastes in my community but also consider the huge amount of plastics that are being used in the whole Capital city, Phnom Penh. Consequently, a huge new landfill was being created in the past years when I newly moved to my community. It was created in a cheap area that provides a convenient reason for the waste company.

During my first moments in the community, I could feel the slight smell of the wastes that were being dumped in the landfill that is kilometers away. I could not imagine how people who live near the area survive staying near those plastic and waste hills as well as factories and big roads with countless vehicles moving around every second. Most people who are near the landfill are living under poverty with lacking understanding and education. Most of them either work in the factories around the area or go to the market as vegetable sellers. Those people are highly affected by many different pollutants that are coming from the landfill, smokes from factories, and fumes from the vehicles along the highway. It is really similar to the Map in Connecticut because most people who live in poverty and can not afford the new place are greatly affected. Most of the times, they do not talk or discuss the injustice and pollutions since they seem to run out of ideas to solve. It is not a problem that worth a community solving, it should be discussed by many other people who also involved in the problem as waster and plastic users.

We could not even imagine the difficulties they are facing living in the highly polluted areas. Therefore; do we just stay where we are and not take a step toward helping and changing their lives? Well, it might sound like it is a thing for an organization or people in the related ministry to work on in order to change the manipulated situation. But all of us, as the citizens living in the same country, the same planet, we ought to start changing our habits and do what we can do now. There are many problems with plastic and environmental pollution that needs to be discussed and talked about. One small example is we can start changing by creating new innovative ideas to recycle those plastics into useful products. We all have the potential to change and have unique innovative ideas to help. It is not an individual problem, but a problem of the globe that deserves help from all of us as great citizens. Start helping the world by reducing plastic waste and environmental pollution!




A Life Changing Audition, The door to become a Change Agent

       Everyone is unique and has different amazing personal stories that are worth sharing. All of the people who are living on this planet, each goes through different experiences which help construct beautiful or painful memories for that particular human-being. Those different experiences are the mold of who we become in life and shape our future self. It is not just about the experiences that we went through, what is even more important than that is How we React and What we do with the experiences we have gone through, whether it is pain or pleasure. Do we give up, not take a step forward and never taste the true life meaning? Do we make it a lesson and step for success? Do we believe in changing ourselves and be determined in any situations? Well, here is my little Memoir that describes the one moment that changed my life and who I am. It is a precious opportunity for me to become a change agent and find my true potentials to help people and make the world a better place.

A Life Changing Audition, The door to become a change agent

by Angely Rose


   “The one moment that you do not really value or realize the great importance of it might be the moment that can change your life forever.” Have you ever imagined a moment that can change your life forever? A simple moment? An unrecognized moment? Well, I had experienced a moment that made a huge impact on my life and made me who I am and who I will be.


The approaching audition

On a normal school day, something interesting had been announced by our

fifth-grade teacher named Sou Sovanna. She is an old woman that everyone recognizes as the elder teacher in the school. “On Monday, there will be a school coming to host an audition. The school’s principal requires three students from each class to join. I have chosen some students already.” She paused a while to catch her breath from the long speech of the announcement. Then, she continued with an unhappy face that shows the class that something wrong has been going on. “Angely, Nimol and Jolie, you are the three students that are going to represent our class.” I had no doubt why we were the students that got selected. During my usual Saturday, I spent my time going through math and Khmer textbooks to review some lessons and did some math exercises and word problems. My mom was the first person who was informed by me about the audition. She was so inspiring and encouraging. My mom taught me extra math lessons from grade six which I had no idea about before. The usual night before the audition approached and the rest of the world was sleeping except me.There was a combination of excitements, marvels, and worries that came into my mind about the audition.


The beautiful morning of the audition

Other people in my neighborhood were wide awake and so was my family. I got up earlier than ordinary days. I brushed my teeth, took a shower and dressed in the white shirt and blue skirt which was the official uniform of Cambodia. I tied my hair up tight and looked at another me in the mirror, a me that is going to face something soon. The pair of dark but clear eagle eyes, the snub nose that looked like a hill while everyone’s has mountains, the rosy pointy natural lips and the limp hair that made up me in the mirror. I was prepared for the audition that I knew nothing about. I got on the red moto with my mom and headed off to my primary school. It was a kilometer away from my house. When I got of the moto, my mom said “Just try your best. No matter what is the result, you and me both will be satisfied.”

After a normal goodbye to my mama, I was walking with my heavy legs to a bench instead of my class because it was locked. I had my breakfast there and I thought about the last thing my mom said. I whispered lightly to myself, just try your best, Angely. You won’t ever know what is it going to be. After having my breakfast, the class door was unlocked and I went inside. I saw Nimol and Jolie holding their modern iphones. I was surprised, though when seeing such unnecessary tools like those phones on such important days like the coronation day or something like that. They said, “Auditioning is nothing. We just need a paper with all of the notes hidden from the recruitment team and that is enough to pass”. My heart sank to the bottom of the deep wild ocean after those words reached my ear. I was rubbing my ear again to make sure that what I heard was not wrong. “The three students who were selected for the audition! Run as quick as possible to the two new sixth grade classrooms over there!,” my teacher announced with a strong voice with a pointing gesture towards the classroom.


The first round of audition, a step towards impact


Nimol, Jolie and I were walking towards the classroom that our teacher pointed to. I was sitting with a girl that I had never knew before. In that moment, I could hear student’s voices, “What is the purpose of the audition?” or “What is the prize if we win?” Besides those questions, I also heard some hope. “I am definitely going to pass this ordinary audition.” Those expressions from each student had transformed the classroom to a market on a Sunday morning. All of a sudden, there were two women who were walking into the noisy classroom, one with the school uniform and the other with a neat office suit. The shorter woman with the school uniform on started to introduce the audition with a strong and serious voice “Hello Students! We are the recruitment team from Liger Learning Center that is located in Takhmao. This audition is going to determine the students who are going to get a full scholarship as the second cohort of the school. This is the one and only chance for you all in your entire life. There won’t be another opportunity in the future so you all should try your best to pass this. If you pass this audition, you will get the corresponding of $16,000 as the prize.” Everybody gazed at the teacher with awe and enthusiasm to go through the audition. On the other hand, I could notice the two teachers who were looking at each other in the funny way. Another teacher laughed gently and looked back to the students with a serious look. “If you are selected to go to study at Liger, there will be a laptop that will be given to each of you and that is a rare opportunity for students your age!” the other teacher explained with great expressions at the end. “We have different sections of tests in this first round. If you finish the sections before the time runs out, you have to wait. Do not cheat to do the other sections unless the new time has been approved.” The two teachers passed out the printed paper of tests to each students. “One, two, three, Start your first section!” There were a lot of sections for us. I felt so satisfied with all of the tests, rules and the prize.The test was as hard as lifting an elephant. I could feel the pressure throughout the test. However, I was announced as one of the students that were going to continue to round two of the audition. The intense happiness and delight suddenly poured into my mind and soul. The thrill was so great like I’ve won a million dollar jackpot or get to travel in the time machine. “All of the students that need to go the next round needs to stay here for the second round. Please be prepared.” I ran to pick my equipment from the classroom and quickly continued running to the front gate. I told my mom that I was selected as one of the students to continue to the second round.


The Second round of the audition, another step upon the great dream


The second round was approaching and I was ready. During this second round of the audition, I was engaging in a lot of the activities that the recruitment team planned for us. In those activities, there was flipping the blanket with three other students, getting to know each other by gathering names and ages with timing, fixing the lamp’s electricity, etc. During the activity sections, each student was pulled out of the activity to do the two other types of tests. There was timed reading and answering some weird questions that I have never even imagined before. First, I was required to go and sit face to face with teacher Reaksmey who was the member of the recruitment team. She picked a pretty thick book for my reading and the name was “The Economy of Cambodia” She turned to some certain marked pages and handed the book to me. She started speaking without looking into my eyes, “You may start reading when I tell you to, do you understand? ” “Yes!” I replied readily.

I started reading as fast as I could because reading fast is also one of my natural aptitudes. After I finished reading, I was required to go into the similar situation with the new teacher. He looked just like an Indian man so my mom calls him Indian teacher until now. During his section, there were a lot of unusual questions that were asked to me. “If you had a chance to invite someone for dinner, who would that person be?” Teacher Bunthan asked with a curious look to express the desire to know my answer “poor people or orphans!” I quickly answered because my mind had been stuck with a poor classmate that I wanted to help desperately. The teacher continued to ask another question“If you have a chance to go to the space, will you go? ” “Yes, of course!” I replied. Science and astronomy have always been my favorite subject at school. Exploring and solving mysteries of astronomy and outer space is a desire to me. The most memorable question to me was “If you could invent something new, what will it be?” I felt like the ideas in my mind has popped out. I was speechless for a moment. Suddenly, an amazing idea from the scenario I was looking at gave me something to speak. One of the most busiest roads in Phnom Penh with a swirl of dust transforming the road into a dusty planet. “Vacuum cleaners on street to help absorb the dust!” I answered happily. After that, he continued asking me a lot more weird questions. After all of the thrills and complex sections of this round of the audition, parents of the students came to hear the results. One of the teacher from the recruitment started speaking “ Congrats to all of you who is still here on this second round. However, only a few students are chosen for the next round of the audition. Before I announce those students, I would like to say that all of the students has done a fabulous job in this round and don’t be upset if you are not going to the next round.” Teacher Reaksmey has called out a row of students to go up to the stage. Those moments, those seconds,my heart was bleeding. I clapped and cheered with a hopeless smile. Suddenly something fascinating reached my ear that could change my feeling like pouring frost on a hot burned heart “Angely!” my soul was suddenly filled with the intense delight.   


The third round of audition, the last step towards my bright future


The last round was doing a presentation for the Country Director, and two other staff from the school. I was required to interview villagers in my community to ask them about the problems that they are facing and prepare a presentation for the third round of audition at the school. My mom told me to respect the judges as much as I can. She even taught me the way to sit and speak with the judges.

Weeks passed and the time that I was given was over. The audition day came. I was in a closed room with three judges. I felt really different since my foot stepped into the room. I did not know any of them except a Cambodian teacher that I knew from the second round of Audition. The other two men were foreigners. I did not feel really comfortable talking to them but I tried my best to do the presentation. I carried my two posters that I had prepared from home to show the three judges. Teacher Bunthan which was the teacher that I knew from the second round of the audition helped me set up the poster. After I prepared the posters, the two men that I had never known before asked me some greeting questions. That made me feel less nervous about the audition. I started my presentation in Khmer and Teacher Bunthan translated it into English. After I finished my long presentation, the judges clapped and asked me to sit down to answer some more questions. I was comfortable talking with the judges as if they were my close friends. All of the things that my mom had told me like to sit real straight and to put your legs down (she means not crossed because it seems disrespectful to Cambodian culture). I behaved naturally and answered the questions that were translated from English to Khmer one by one. Each time that the judges heard my answer translated into English, they nodded and smiled which makes me so confident talking to them. At last, I was asked by a simple question in English which was: How many years have you been studying English? I understood what they wanted to ask me but my grammar was pretty bad. I was taught only the present and past tense at school and the question I got was another form of grammar that I have never heard before. I calculated the years and quickly answered, “I study English for three years.” I tried to answer the question the way they asked me in the similar ways my teacher has taught me. The judges told me to answer the question again in the correct form. With the help of Teacher Bunthan, I could be able to answer that tough English question by repeating his words. Finally, it was the end of the presentation time. I prepared all of the posters to leave. I waved goodbye to the foreign judges and said goodbye in Khmer for my Cambodian teacher. My parents said it was so long and they were worrying a lot. However, I felt the time was passing so fast. This was my first time being in a condition like this. After all of these complex tests, I was told as one of the students who will be given a full scholarship to study and the Liger Leadership Academy. That moment when I had been informed was so fabulous I can’t even put words to describe. 

The next door to my hopeful future

In the present, this fabulous memory of the audition has been recognized and valued. It is a turning point in my life because of many reasons. After I got selected, I came to study in Liger Leadership Academy which is a unique school compared to other schools all over the world. There are great opportunities to strengthen my learning including TEDx, MUN, volunteer hours with other organizations, etc. In addition, the learning program is so unique. What have been shaping me the most are what we called Core Values and Change Agent Characteristics. Those values and memories will fold my future self as I continue my journey of life.


Try your best and take different opportunities as they come because you will never know what the results are. 


Philippines Research

In our Asian study class, a student needs research about a particular country in ASEAN nations (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). I was assigned to work on Philippines and Here are the statistics and information that I found during my research: 

The GDP per Capita is 2988 USD (2017) 

The Population is 91.7 million (2009)  

Philippines is called the “Pearl of Orient” (Hong Kong and Saigon are also being referred to as the Pearl)  and due to its great natural beauty. 
Its hottest month is May (30 Celsius), the coldest month is January (26 Celsius) and the wettest month is August with 140 mm of rain. 
There are four climates in Philippines including Tropical Rainforest, Tropical Savanna, Tropical Monsoon and Humid Subtropical. 
Since Philippines is a country with beautiful natural landscapes, there are a lot of mountains, islands, and other natural resources. 
The highest mountain of the country is Mount Apo (it is one of the best climbing destinations), it is an active volcano along with Sierra Madre which is the longest mountain range.  
Another breath-taking project that will be constructed soon is the architecture project of Shell-Inspired Tourism Site. It is still a design proposal and will take a lot of time to construct due to the complex designs. 

This is a picture of the proposal design, Shell-Inspired Tourism Site.

( photo by Archdaily.com) 


The Brief Science of Atoms



(Atoms Picture from Chem Boss) 

Everything that exists on this planet is made up of Atoms. Atoms are really tiny particles, consist of Electrons (negatively charged), Neutron, and Protons (Positively charged). Electrons are orbiting around the nucleus which includes Protons and Neutrons.

During the session of Atoms, I was in a group that researched specifically on Ions and Isotopes. According to my research, Ions are created when an atom has a net electrical charge due to the loss or gain of electrons. If an electron is lost, the atom will become a positive ion and if an electron is gained, the atom will become a negative ion.

Isotopes are a group of the same elements which has the same chemical properties, but what sets them apart is the numbers of neutrons and atomic mass. Based on the internet, Isotopes are given the same numbers of protons.

In other words, the changes of electrons can produce a net electrical charge in an atom and the changes of neutrons can change the atoms into isotopes.

Goal 1: No Poverty| Angola Poverty Research

According to Un.org, there are 836 million people who live in extreme poverty and 783 million people live below the international poverty line of US$1.90 a day. When it comes to the word “Poverty”, most people would think of the condition of being poor. On the other hand, poverty is much more than just the lack of income and resources. It includes hunger, malnutrition (the state of being lack of nutrition which causes physical health problems), limited access to education, discrimination from societies as well as the right to make decisions. (Un.org) To help the tremendous amount of people who live in poverty, Goal 1 has set a clear target which is to “End poverty in all its form everywhere”.
In SDG class, we are required to choose a particular country and research about goal 1 in that country and I chose Angola, the least-developed country in Africa. Here is what I got from my research of Angola:


                                       Angola Poverty Research

Poverty in Angola
Fun Fact: Angola is the largest but least-developed country in Africa (Borgenproject.org)

In 2008, Angola’s poverty rate at the national poverty line is 36.6%. It is interesting when talking about poverty in Angola because its economy is blooming because of the oil industry. However, poverty becomes a concerning topic in Angola because many Angolans are living in extreme poverty.

Talking about economic bloom, Angola is a country with extremely rich resource. It is the second largest oil producer in Africa and the fourth country with the most diamonds. In addition, the country also has a huge amount of lumber, fish, and minerals. These are probably the major causes of the booming economy of Angola.

Despite the great industry of resources, Two-Thirds of Angolans population live on less than $2 a day and they did not give that much value to the industry.

The government of Angola claims that the poverty rates have dropped; however, corruption is still a major factor. There are many questions like “Where has all the money go?”

One of the causes of poverty in Angola is the civil war between 1975 to 2002. This civil war left a huge tragedy for Angola, causing countless deaths and millions of internally displaced people. This war destroyed nearly all of the development in each factor including healthcare( There is only 1 doctor in 10,000 people), education, economy, etc. Talking about healthcare lacks, it is one of the major factors that cause poverty in Angola. Many people are hard to find treatments when they are sick. Some died because of sickness and some do not have enough energy to work which caused the work rate to boost. Therefore, there are many more works that need to be done to rise up the economy to meet the international standards.
Angola has been ranked 149 out of 186 on the poverty scale by The 2016 Human Development Index Team. In fact, 94 percent of rural households are categorized as poor since the poverty in Angola rises in the rural areas.

Talking about the topic of electricity, there is an extremely low rate of electricity access, especially in rural areas. There is only 6% of rural households that are accessed to electricity. Water is also one of the major problems in Angola. The amount of people who are not accessed to safe water resources is 38 percent of the population.

Many children do not have access to education which causes employment really difficult. 34.6 percent have unequal access to education.

The other cause of poverty is because of the high fertility rate. Therefore, the education rate is so low.

This is the best website I used for this research. For more information, you can go and check.


Researching about SDGs

SDG is an advanced enrichment that provides us with deeper lessons and researches about Sustainable Development Goals. These are the goals that are proposed by the United Nations in 2015. There are 17 goals in total such as:
1-No Poverty
2-Zero Hunger
3-Good Health and Well-Being
4-Quality Education
5-Gender Equality
6-Clean Water and Sanitation
7-Affordable and Clean Energy
8-Decent Work and Economic Growth
9-Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
10-Reduced Inequalities
11-Sustainable Cities and Communities
12-Responsible Production and Consumption
13-Climate Action
14-Life Below Water
15-Life on Land
16-Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
17-Partnerships for the Goals.

The 17 goals are very crucial targets in order to develop a sustainable well-being in the globe in many aspects. In order to establish those goals well, we need a great amount of collaboration from all of the countries, citizens and students to learn, apply those goals in real life. More importantly, we need to continue sharing the lessons of the SDGs to other people so that we can build a large community of support and practice. All of the countries can work toward the goals together without thinking about economic status, religions or culture because they are goals for worldwide growth as a whole globe and not for one particular country.

Why was the UN (United Nations) created after World War II?



The United Nations officially formed on the 24th of October, 1945 after world war II in the purpose of preventing another huge conflict (Un.org). The United Nations is a huge organization that aims to corporate and communicate with many governments in order to secure peace. Their three main goals are
Secure peace
Eliminate poverty
Protect Human Rights.


As our first week of the class, we got to choose a goal for deeper researches about that one specific goal and I chose goal 8 which is Decent Work and Economic growth in Angola and here is what I found from my research:

Teacher: Samantha
                          Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
Half of the world population is living with the average 2$/day. In most of the places, people who have a job doesn’t always mean they can escape from poverty. This concerning topic of unemployment and the slow development of the economy requires an SDG goal in this field


Technovation 2017-2018

Technovation Cambodia

I had been joining a program called Technovation for two years in a row (2017-2018). Technovation is a wonderful program which allows girls to involve more in technology and entrepreneurship field. We are required to develop an app in purpose to solve a problem in our community. We also have competed with other teams both national and global. In addition, we made a business plan for our revenue, users population, updating new versions for our app, etc. 

As all of us can see, there is trash everywhere in Cambodia which is an exceedingly huge problem waiting to be solved. It can affect Cambodia’s tourism, economic and especially environment. Consequently, my team in 2017 named green world had decided to develop an app called Clean World to give more information about trash and environment to our citizens which let them to learn more about the benefits of dividing trash.

Our app can also motivate Cambodian citizens as well as tourists to help solve this problem together.  Even Though the app is not in the market, we have made a prototype of an app to solve this problem. In addition, we have also raised awareness of change when we did the presentation in the mini pitch and national pitch.

Here is the link to our slide presentation:


This year, (2018) my team (Five Infinities) have created an app called MEP Center which stands for the word Mechanical, Electricity and Plumbing Center. It is an app that helps customers to find suppliers to go and fix their MEP problems and suppliers to find more customers to work with. 

 (Here is our Pitch Presentation which includes main points about our application and business plans) Five Infinities

I am extremely proud of this app and we got a lot of support and positive feedbacks to it. My team has also gone to Iching Decoration company to get feedbacks and reflections and they ensured to use our app 100%.  This is my first startup and I think this business is the most successful one I have had. It helps me to extend my ideas and creativity of solving problems in my community. Not only that, it is a huge step towards my dream of becoming a businesswoman. We have raised awareness of change during the two pitches (Mini Pitch and the National Pitch). The National Pitch presentations are judged be three judges who are Ms. Penhleak CHAN, Tech Innovation Consultant, Mr. Sopheakmonkol SOK, Chief Executive Officer at Codingate, and Ms. Sikieng SOK, Curriculum Developer for Saturday Kids. One thing that is really interesting is that there is always one judge in each pitch that had the same idea as our team which means that people are really struggling with this problem.

After putting all of our hard works and collaboration together, we are the first place winner team of the national pitch 2018. 

After our presentation, there were to groups of reporters who were asking us to do interviews. Two weeks after the national pitch event, a tech company called Geeks of Cambodia wanted to do an interview with us, too. One question in common that they have asked our team is “What are some messages that you want to give to other girls in Cambodia?” My answer was always be “We would love to encourage all girls and females to participate more in technology and entrepreneurship field. Nowadays, our country needs more human resources in technology and entrepreneurship field in order to develop our country. We have experienced all struggles and one thing we found out is that THE STEREOTYPE IS NOT RIGHT! You have the strength to do everything you want and become anyone you wish to be.  Girls can actually code a wonderful app and run a really successful business. We can do it girls! Come on and show your potential!

”My goal is to actually launch this app even though if we will not pass in the global competition because it is an extremely wonderful app that I think it must be in the market one day to make lives in Cambodia more efficient. When we have launched our app in the market and the expected number of users have reached, we have actually created a big change for Cambodia. If this app works well in Cambodia, I would love to launch it in other countries, too. This can help impact to become bigger and bigger.

For more information, here are the articles about our start-up application that are written based on our interviews from different sources including VOA, Geeks in Cambodia, Development Innovations, :







TEDx ISPP, 2017


TEDx is a wonderful opportunity for me to start chasing my dream which is make positive changes to the world. At this event, I talked about “Protecting Cambodian Elephants”. There, I mentioned about the advantages of elephants in ecosystems, Cambodian Culture, Buddhism and how their populations have dwindled over the period of modern development. I tried my best to convince all of the audience to start helping to save those rare elephants by many ways. The first solution that they can use to save elephants is stop riding those elephants for entertainment. According to my research, there were several elephants that died in Vietnam because tourists rode on them for fun. In fact, there are many tourists that are riding these huge animals in Angkor Wat. The second way to help saving elephants is stop deforestation and plant more trees to create bigger habitats for elephants. The final solution is acting from your heart instead of for profits. If all of you love elephants, you must start to practice the past solutions and share the knowledge and understanding out to the world  I was very satisfied of this opportunity because it gives me a chance to express my love of wild animals and my concept of preserving those endangered animals especially elephants. I wanted to make a community of support to preserve those rare animals and wildlife by spreading . Delivering a public and long talk is not an easy thing to do but it is worth the change of positive mindsets and lessons that needs to be shared. For viewing the video of my TEDx: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scZxOUsLkGw


Mini Personal Narrative

A big part of literacy is writing; In our literacy class, we have read several personal narratives and discussed about it. Most personal narratives can be written or showed in many different forms including stories, poems and songs. Most of the narratives tend to describe a memorable moment, a meaningful part of our live or something that changes the way we become who we are. It is written about someone’s part of live specifically and not about a general idea.  I have written a mini personal narrative in a poem form which describes a memorable and meaningful memory I shared with my big family on my Grandma’s birthday.   

Teacher: Hannah

My Grandma’s Birthday

The moment of joy
The moment of true happiness
Beyond the heart can feel
Beyond the brain can know
The day of sunshine and delight
The day of which everyone in the family smiled
23rd of August, 2018
My most rejoicing memory
Which I will never forget.

When the sun has done its job
Rising up upon the roof
The long tent filled with crowded people
Joining my grandma’s ceremony

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