Love in the Moonlight (inspired story)

A girl with a fate she can’t change.

A family she did not choose to come in.

A life that has no other doors to escape,

only to accept the truth that she is a riot’s daughter


The truth is Her father is a man of justice

He devotes his life for the nation’s freedom

He quarreled for  lives well-lived for citizens in the whole kingdom

He contests for what’s right for the country

He fights for his daughter future,

but he will never know that his daughter’s life is completely unexpected


Even born as a girl, she needs to hide her beautiful identity.

Disguise is the only thing she can do to survive.

She must live the life of a boy, growing up as a hidden girl in a man’s identity.

She must cut her hair off with that feminine sweetheart longing for long, beautiful hair.

She cried and crave a life like other girls, where she can play doll, braid her hair up and decorate it with flowers.

Where she can pick flowers and sew it to be a princess’s crown.

At night, she sleeps and dreams of a life where she can wear a long, beautiful dress,

Get her long hair down to her waist and dance freely by her own.

But as the sunrise up and the truth become clear, she cries, disappointed of the life she must live.


As she grew up and learned to be strong, tough like a man, she seeks for comfort, love and freedom.


As intertwined fate came to place, she bumped to a tall fair stranger.

A person she grew to meet everywhere and shined out of all strangers.

She did not know who he is yet, and she just passed by with not much attention.

Like the wind, passing by a tiny pretty flower.

Until one day, she fell down a deep hole with him.

The man saw her as a man, her disguised identity, so he talked as if they are best friends.

They tried to escape together, and the man let her ride on his shoulder to get out of the hole

As she reached out she left him there, all alone by himself.


Weeks past by, she started to bump into him again.

This time to apologize, she gave him food and act as if he is nobody.


Then as time goes by, she is sent to the royal palace,

All confused, she went to serve as a eunuch with that deep down female inner heart.

She worked with the other strong boys in the palace, exploring her world, as this new life goes on.

Is it destiny or what, she saw him again.

All she sees is this funny and caring man.

She likes him, despite not fully knowing the man yet.


Then he became someone special, someone, who is the dearest to her.

Someone she grew to adore, admire and care about.

He became a person who gives her hope and energy.

When she sees him, she smiles and laughs


All along, she did not realize it was a feeling of LOVE.


Later on, they got closer, with the girl’s identity as a man.

However, the truth will never be hidden for long, her disguise will soon be realized by the man.

When he walks past her room, he realized her long hair, her women gown, as she gracefully dances to the rhythm of her heart.

That moment, he realizes her true identity, as a woman.

That moment, everything became crystal clear, life clouds drifted away from the clear blue sky.

That moment, everything starts to make sense.

How she looks at him, How there seems to be a stronger bond than just friends.

That moment, he realizes he falls deep deep deep into her beautiful soul

Her endless beauty, grace, and kindness.


He sees her as his moon, and she sees him as a sun.

Not dwelling on the stars around them, but living life to the fullest with each other.

Every day, their reality is more beautiful than dreams.
Their smiles are real, their bond is strong, their hearts intertwined.


However, her life is unchangeable as it is already destined for hardships,

Although love is strong, fate is powerful.

The love she wishes to own

A man in her dream, who is right in front of her.

But fate is, She can’t change the truth

The truth that she is grasping for an unreachable star, that will never can be hers.

She grieves as she accepts the suffering truth, that he is a crown prince.  

She is a riot’s daughter, in love with a crown prince.


Is it even possible?

A girl’s heavy emotion that is kept deep down beneath the heart.

Buried feelings that she tries to hide and keep it to her own self.

Can the love live for long?

Or will it drown down to the deep dark surface of classes?

Can that sweet and yearning feeling survive the drought of hardships?

Day by day, it is getting harder for her to bear this complicated life.

She can’t stand the days apart, the broken tie, the vagueness between them.

The spaces between them, the differences

Of classes

Of Identities

Of family

Of life

But not their hearts. Their hearts are attached, by this string of love.


Every day, they look out in the hazy sky, with the dimly lit moon, drawn by foggy clouds

It’s like their uncertain future, that is full of obstacles and doubts

The moon that is drawn by the cloud.

The future that is drawn by fate.

Slowly kills the heart of the two lovers…

Minute to Minute

Days to Days

One Heartbeat to Another

Is just simply pain..

Pain in the chest…

The pain of loss, of distance, of everything in between them

If only this vague gap between them is filled, their love will be Alive again.

But can it ever be? Who’s to say?

(Inspired by Love in the Moonlight South Korean Drama Series, Original Network by KBS2 and story by Yoon-Yisoo)

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