The Brief Science of Atoms



(Atoms Picture from Chem Boss) 

Everything that exists on this planet is made up of Atoms. Atoms are really tiny particles, consist of Electrons (negatively charged), Neutron, and Protons (Positively charged). Electrons are orbiting around the nucleus which includes Protons and Neutrons.

During the session of Atoms, I was in a group that researched specifically on Ions and Isotopes. According to my research, Ions are created when an atom has a net electrical charge due to the loss or gain of electrons. If an electron is lost, the atom will become a positive ion and if an electron is gained, the atom will become a negative ion.

Isotopes are a group of the same elements which has the same chemical properties, but what sets them apart is the numbers of neutrons and atomic mass. Based on the internet, Isotopes are given the same numbers of protons.

In other words, the changes of electrons can produce a net electrical charge in an atom and the changes of neutrons can change the atoms into isotopes.

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